NHL 08 is an ice-hockey game that allows you to take over the court
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NHL 08 is an ice-hockey game that allows you to take over the court. It is a known fact that Hockey isn't the most popular sport in the US. There is Football, Basketball and Baseball, and all of those are more popular than Hockey. Still, game developers, and, EA in particular didn't let that fact discourage them. The game has been getting new features for some years now. And this year, the controls were the star of the makeover. In the previous editions, the player didn't have control of how to finish up a play (shoot). All they could do is hit the button and hope for the best. Of course, like in every game, there were easy ways of scoring. Now you can get control of the players shots by using two shot sticks if you have a controller that supports them. Thus, you can have the player move to one side and have him use the stick to bring the ball to the other side. There are advantages and drawbacks in doing this. But it is up to the player to decide that. The graphics are of course great, like in every other EA sports game. They are only topped by NHL 09.

José Fernández
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